Entrada protects physician productivity before, during and after the transition to an EHR.

We understand the value and importance of a physician’s time. With Entrada, physicians no longer have to be slowed down with text fields, drop-down menus or checklists to create and edit clinical documents. Using Entrada’s solution, physicians still dictate their notes, voice-tagging each individual section, and these voice files are uploaded to Entrada’s data center for fast, accurate conversion to text. These notes are then reviewed and approved, either by Entrada’s team of editors or the clinic’s own staff, and Entrada automatically splits and inserts the narrative text directly into the correct locations in the patient record within the EHR.

Entrada’s core mobile, tablet and desktop applications sync with a provider’s existing practice management software to build the physician’s active worklist, pre-populated with patient demographic information and organized by ‘job type’ (Office Visits, Surgery, Consultation, etc.). Through a simple, natural user interface, physicians can securely use this list to capture high-quality voice dictation files. Then, with a tap of a finger, these voice files are processed, edited and then tagged with essential, searchable data that facilitates EHR data capture. Also, if a patient cancels an appointment, the physician’s work list updates in real-time on all of his or her devices and at all locations, providing a significant benefit to the busy, mobile physician while ultimately enhancing the speed and efficiency of the documentation workflow.

ExpressNote Technology

Physicians can voice tag unique sections of the clinical note, and Entrada’s ExpressNote technology automates the return of the individual narrative sections into multiple text fields of the patient encounter within the EHR.

Cross-Platform Solution

Entrada supports the following mobile devices:

  • Apple iOS
  • Android