The physician gateway to the EHR is now in the palm of your hand.

Entrada’s workflow solution protects physician productivity before, during and after the transition to an EHR system. With seamless integration into all major EHRs, Entrada’s digital dictation provides a fast, easy way to document clinical information and makes EHRs much easier to adopt and use.

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Dictate inside your EHR template anytime, anywhere, with Entrada.

With Entrada, providers can dictate from anywhere with their preferred mobile device, and after back-end processing and editing, Entrada's ExpressNote technology inserts the finished narrative directly into individual text fields within your EHR templates. Entrada gives your providers the freedom to dictate within EHR templates without being inside the EHR.

Entrada enables organizations to successfully embrace their digital health strategy.

At Entrada, we understand the importance of protecting physician productivity, which is why we modeled our technology around the physicians’ natural workflow.  We believe that, by obsessively focusing on workflow, organizations can aggressively embrace a digital health strategy that increases productivity, reduces cycle time, improves accuracy and shrinks administrative costs.