Success Stories

Entrada has thousands of providers and staff using its solutions to protect productivity and revenue while using an EHR. Here are a few of their stories.

The Hughston Clinic, P.C.

"Entrada has been an excellent solution for me to dictate on all of my patients, and the Entrada mobile app works well across all of my devices, no matter whether I'm connected WiFi or over my cell service." Dr. Robert Harris, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Central Indiana Orthopedics

“Entrada continues to make impactful improvements to their technology, and the usability of the mobile app has helped streamline our caregivers’ workflow.” Todd Holaday, Chief Information Officer at Central Indiana Orthopedics

Valley Health System

"I have been on EMR for 12+ years and have evaluated many different documentation options, including several voice solutions. I found Entrada Mobile to be the best, as it makes me lightning fast and saves me considerable time each day. With Entrada, I see more patients, and I've even increased the number of available appointment times each day!" Dr. Joseph K. Hyon D.O.


"Entrada ROCKS! I couldn't do this EHR thing without Entrada!" Dr. Peter Jay, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Southside Pain Specialists

“Entrada has helped our practice easily integrate dictation of diagnostic reports directly into our EMR system. We are able to have reports on the patient’s chart often within the same day, and with the mobile app, our physicians are able to utilize this service conveniently at any time. It’s simple to use, accurate, and has greatly improved our efficiency in generating reports.” Jim Carson, Practice Manager

Broadway Medical Clinic

"Entrada has completely streamlined the process of dictation and populating NextGen with a digital document. We have reduced our number of transcriptionists and saved ourselves a lot of time in non-value added tasks associated with file formatting, transfer, uploads, and insertion. Their support team is excellent and responsive, always responding in a matter of minutes virtually. They have helped us reduce costs and improve quality. Highly recommended." Justin Pearce, Administrator

Boyette Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

"Entrada has been very responsive to my needs as a customer. The software integrates well with Athena Clinicals and I am getting home earlier. It is a win-win!" Dr. Deanna Boyette, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Advanced Heart Care

"Our Cardiologists have really enjoyed using Entrada's application. When choosing a solution, mobility and speed were deal breakers for us. With Entrada's iOS app and transcription turnaround time, Entrada has delivered on both." Brandy Draper, Clinical Operations Manager


"A nice aspect of the system is that I can leave the office and go to the hospital or even go home and still dictate my charts. It's very simple to use, very user-friendly, and I was up and running within days." Dr. Robert E. Ivy, Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon

The Surgical Clinic

“The level of functionality and speed Entrada has achieved with their newest app is truly remarkable,” says Dr. William Edwards, general vascular surgeon at The Surgical Clinic in Nashville, TN. “With Entrada, I’m no longer tied to a workstation when dictating, and the added mobility and flexibility saves me significant time each week.” William H. Edwards, Jr., MD, MBA FACS, The Surgical Clinic

Carolina Regional Orthopaedics

“Entrada was what kept our practice seeing the same volume of patients during our transition to athenaClinicals. Using Entrada’s mobile dictation, we finished a full day of clinic on a new EHR on time, even while seeing the same amount of patients. Choosing Entrada made the world of difference to our practice.” Deanna Rand, Practice Administrator

Memphis Orthopaedic Group

"Our physicians' productivity skyrocketed once we started using Entrada's mobile dictation app." Lee Riley. Clinical Systems Director

Cardiology Associates of Central CT

"Entrada returns the converted dictations in a timely fashion, and the different narrative are finding their way into the patient’s EMR successfully. We are doing less copying and pasting now. The doctors are happy with Entrada." Lorrie Molinari, Practice Administrator

Palm Beach Orthopaedic Group

"Entrada has developed a hybrid solution to the standardized templated progress note. Entrada has provided a solution to the repetative progress note. Entrada is the next level of needed automation for the staff and physicians to operate more efficiently in an ever changing environment. Entrada has allowed for focused care on patients care rather than fixing mistakes. Entrada made it possible for us to meet Meaningful Use." Brian Bizub, CEO

Coker Group

“Entrada is a significant game changer in the voice recognition market because it solves many problems that traditional solutions do not, specifically its integrated, real-time editing and workflow. The economics of Entrada are also substantially less expensive, especially when you factor the reduction in labor and editing cost.” Jeffery Daigrepont, Senior VP at Coker Group

San Antonio Orthopaedic Group

"TSAOG adopted Entrada’s mobile application to streamline documentation workflow, preserve the quality of patient care, and ensure its physicians were able to leave soon after seeing their last patient. The physicians quickly realized Entrada’s solution was helping reinstate productivity levels, improve turnaround time, and significantly reduce errors and lost dictations." Liza Fawcett, Director of HR

Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists

"With Entrada, we’ve all but eliminated the inefficiencies in our documentation process. Entrada has been a great solution, providing physicians with more reliable feedback and an immediate ROI.” Patrick Toomey, COO

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates

"Our doctors absolutely love Entrada. I just can't imagine there is another solution out there as good." Rae-Lynn Bidon, Director of Operations

Dr. Eduardo Hidalgo

"I really wished I had used Entrada ten years ago. I'm very happy with the efficiency and portability of Entrada. I do not know what to do with my extra time because I'm leaving the office two hours earlier! Thank you again for all of your support. it helps to know that I can count on Entrada for guidance." Dr. Eduardo Hidalgo

Health 2.0

"Entrada's digital dictation solution for iPhone is really great and a big time saver for physicians using an EHR!" Grace Moen, Health 2.0

Cardiology Associates of Central CT

"It is something very unusual in my experience with medically related computer products, it actually works as advertised. It functions simply and effectively without dis-intuitive time chewing keystrokes. It's functions are straight forward and do not require weeks or months to get facile with. You are up and running day one with a product that works for you, enhancing workflow while allowing you to maintain clinically meaningful narrative content of the medical record." Cardiologist

Multnomah Orthopedic Clinic

"We are really working well Entrada. The physicians really like the Mobile Dictation app, and it is really saving them a lot of time." Karen M Peterson, Practice Administrator

The Hughston Clinic, P.C.

"I was forced to use other electronic health record systems and software that were complete failures, and frankly dangerous to my practice. Entrada is as easy as it gets - it allows me to enter patient data in a format that makes sense, while also integrating with information in a format that meets Meaningful Use." Dr. Bruce Ziran, Hughston Gwinnett Trauma

Medical Park Family Care

"This Entrada thing is amazing! I thought about retiring in the next 5 years, but think I may work longer." Michael Reeves, MD

Amelia Heart and Vascular Center

"We love our EHR, but as hard as I tried, I could not avoid falling behind on completing my patient charts ... so I gave Entrada a try. Setup was very quick, easy and professional, and it immediately began adding value. Entrada saves me time to see more patients and spend more time with my family." Dr. Azita Moalemi, Cardiologist

Columbus Regional Medical Group

"Entrada has helped my productivity significantly. I can crank out detailed notes very quickly as well as dictate great looking letters for referring providers." Paul Cartwright, MD

Tennessee Medicine & Pediatrics

"I used to spend most evenings closing patient encounters, but with Entrada, I can now spend more time on the things that matter - like patient care - and not fighting a piece of software. My patient throughput has increased, the quality of my notes are substantially better, and I finish on time. I couldn't live without Entrada!" Matt Perkins, MD

The Surgical Clinic

"I resisted the change to a mobile dictation solution to the very last minute, but I can't tell you how much easier it has made things. Truth be told, I couldn't function in my practice without Entrada. My advice - give it a whirl!" Stan Snyder, MD